“Notes on the Spanish Election-JACOBINMAG”


“This month has seen the most important electoral campaign in recent Spanish history, with sweeping implications for the country’s emboldened left.

Last December, Podemos shook up a long-standing political system dominated by the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the conservativePopular Party (PP), getting almost as many votes as the PSOE.

Because the parties could not come to a parliamentary agreement to form a government, new elections had to be called.

Now Podemos has formed a coalition — called Unidos Podemos(Together, We Can) — with the United Left (IU) and other left-wing and green regional and national parties.

Ciudadanos, a small right-wing party that grew rapidly last year, will also play a major role in the coming election.

Today’s election is the last act of a long electoral cycle that began with the 2014 European election, when Podemos first erupted onto the national scene. These are the key issues.”



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